Blossom Youth is 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a mission to empower today’s African youth through education, athletics, art, mentorship and leadership, to become tomorrows leaders.

Blossom Youth has several objectives. Education, Athletics, community Lifting and leadership programs. Our hope is to not just provide better opportunities for kids after high school graduation, but also to educate parents, teachers, and coaches to ensure they have the knowledge and tools to lead the kids.
Focusing on youth development and strategic system building will be an important stepping stone to our success.
Yannick Formbor was born on October 16th 1987 in Douala one of the biggest metropolitan areas in Cameroon (Central Africa). Although his parents were not around much, he was raised by his aunts and grandmother. “I am a community baby; my parents were not always around but I never felt unloved" says Yannick.
Yannick ended up being invited to Basketball Without Borders in South Africa in 2003 where he caught the attention of a lot of coaches. Soon after the camp he was offered an opportunity to pursue his education and basketball dream at St Patrick High School in Elizabeth NJ. Yannick played under Kevin Boyle the legendary high school coach and won multiple county and state championships. He earned a Basketball Scholarship to Drexel University in Philadelphia where he was from 2006-2011. He graduated with a Business Administration degree and a Communications minor.


Yannick has always wanted to find an opportunity not only to give back but also make a impact bigger than himself in our society. " I truly believe that Blossom Youth mission is to improve people lives, bring hope, and make people believe in themselves again. I believe that we will have an opportunity to have a great impact in this world" says Yannick.

Currently Yannick lives in York, PA, and is focusing on building up Blossom Youth while assuming his role as a father and community leader.